Soviet Truck 6X6
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Soviet Truck ZIS-151

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Important notice:
This model kit has the instructions on how to put it together in English and in Russian languages
     The ZIS-151 was first of the major Soviet military transport all-drive vehicles after World War II. Tens of thousands of these trucks have been produced in many special versions for hauling many types of cargo. team is sure that if you get one of these model kits it will decorate your house for years. It could be a perfect gift for your friend. Please note these toys come in parts, so when you buy one, you will have to glue them together. Also, the glue and stickers come in the box with the model kit. The producers of this model are suggesting you to paint the truck, so it looks more realistic. However, they did not provide the paint. That, in our opinion, will give you more freedom of choice of what you want the model to look like, and it is an excellent way to expand your creativity. Paint buckets from "Zvezda" (the same factory that makes the kits) you will be able buy separately, for only $1.95 per bucket in our store. team wishes you to have fun with putting together this perfect Soviet Truck 6X6 ZIS-151
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